Animal Health

Biologos provides sera, release agents (trypsin), cell culture media (powder or liquid form) and other biologicals to animal health pharmaceutical companies, including the top five animal health companies globally. With over four decades of focus on the animal health industry, Biologos has established long-term suppliers of sera and media components, that allow for production of some of the high quality products for the animal health industry.

The Animal Health industry is rapidly growing as the focus and demand for innovative veterinary health solutions increases. “Animal health” encompasses the welfare of animals and people and is categorized into two sectors: Agriculture (livestock health) and General Veterinary (companion animal health).

The care of livestock directly affects human health and wellness by ensuring adequate production of healthy livestock to be consumed. The health of these herds, by use of livestock medicines and vaccines, is imperative to the production of the global food supply.

Companion animal (pet) health is a booming industry encompassing not only veterinary medicines and vaccines, but also related animal health products, like nutrition. As pet ownership and spending increase, so increases the broad range of healthcare and products needed to ensure pets are living longer and healthier lives.

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