Cell Culture Media

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Cell culture media, or growth medium, is a nutrient-rich solution that promotes cell growth in artificial environments after the cells, tissue, or organ has been removed from a host.

Cell growth is dependent upon the nutrients in a culture medium; therefore, mediums must be chosen based on the cell type and needs of the cells. Mediums are available in liquid or powdered form and can be customized with the addition of serum, sterile filtered reagents, enzyme solutions and/or balanced salt solutions to create ideal conditions for the cell by the end user or Biologos.

Biologos offers classical and custom media, in powdered and liquid form, for animal health, tissue banks, and diagnostic labs. Classical and custom cell culture media is manufactured under strictly controlled processes to provide consistent quality in every batch.  Each lot must comply with stringent specifications and is tested prior to release and use by Biologos Quality Assurance.

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