Premium Quality Serum, Cell Culture Media & Reagents


Custom Manufacturing Process

  1. Specialist Consultation
    • Discuss needs with BIOLOGOS solutions specialist
    • Mutual NDA signed
  2. Viability
    • Formulas, specs, testing requirements, preferred fill/container size and annual volumes provided by customer
    • Review of timeline expectations
  3. Quoting
    • Draft specs completed for customer review
    • Price delivered
  4. PO
    • PO provided by customer
    • Production schedule initiated and communicated with customer
    • Final part number assigned and final specification signed by customer
  5. Manufacturing
    • Products made with White Glove process
  6. QC Testing/Release (4-6 weeks)
    • Samples tested per customer spec
    • CoA created
  7. Delivery
    • Product packaged and shipped to location(s)
    • CoA emailed and attached to product package

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