Enzyme Solutions


In cell culture and production, enzymes are widely used to dissociate tissues and cell monolayers. Biologos provides the most commonly used enzyme preparations for cell isolation, such as trypsin. Each product is carefully manufactured to minimize loss of enzyme activity and quality controlled to ensure consistency and reliability.

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Enzyme Solutions Products

E1507 - Trypsin Solution 2.5% (1X) in HBSS, w/o Calcium & Magnesium

E1506 - Trypsin – EDTA 0.25% Solution in HBSS, w/o Calcium & Magnesium

E15032 - Trypsin (0.5 g/L)-EDTA (0.2 g/L) Solution (1X) in Normal Saline

E1505 - Trypsin-EDTA Soln.(1x) in HBSS

E1504 - Trypsin-EDTA Sol. ( 10X )

E15031 - Trypsin-EDTA (1X) w/o HBSS

E1503 - Trypsin-EDTA (1X) in HBSS

E1502 - Trypsin Solution 2.5% (1:250)

E1501 - Trypsin Solution O.25%

E1500 - Trypsin Solution 1.0%

E1510 - E1510 – Trypsin EDTA Solution (10X) in HBSS Solution

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