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Our Story

BIOLOGOS is a full-service manufacturer of standard and custom serum, cell culture media and reagents, specializing in quick turn product formulation, manufacturing and distribution.

In 1976, BIOLOGOS entered the market to service customers frustrated with inconsistent biologics quality, as well as limited support in customizing product formulation, packaging, and logistics solutions. With a centralized US location, proximity to multiple supply chain partners, international airport access, and an early commitment to service and quality, BIOLOGOS experienced rapid growth and success within the animal serum market.

As customers valued our flexibility, speed, and service, we expanded into additional product categories, such as cell culture media, reagents, balanced salt solutions, enzymes, supplements and preservatives. Along the way, we added multiple process certifications, expanded our facility, and delivered product for many of the top companies in the animal health, tissue processing, diagnostics, and contract manufacturing spaces.

Today, that same culture of customer service and end to end quality continues to drive our business forward. BIOLOGOS is proud to provide customized biologics solutions to our customers around the world, further supporting the global advancement of health and wellness. What’s next? We continue to invest in new processes, people and technology as we grow with both our U.S. based and international customers.

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