Hydrochloric Acid Solution

Product Overview

Premium Quality Hydrochloric Acid Solution.

  • 0.22 micron filtered
  • Tested to confirm sterility
  • Tested to confirm concentration

Available In:

  • 500mL PET Bottles – 25/Case, 400/Pallet
  • 1000mL PET Bottles – 16/Case, 256/Pallet
  • 3000mL HDPE Bottles – 4/Case, 144/Pallet
  • Custom Packaging Available
  • Volume Pricing Available

Fully Customized Formulas Available!

Hydrochloric Acid Storage and Handling

Bio-Chloric Solution is supplied in gamma irradiated, sterile PETG or PETE bottles. We recommend that Bio-Chloric Solution should be stored at ambient temperatures. Always use aseptic techniques when handling Bio-Chloric Solution.

Bio-Chloric Solution is shipped ambient by less than truck-load carrier or overnight, as needed.

Hydrochloric Acid Solution Shelf Life

Bio-Chloric has a shelf life of two years.

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Available Products

T1688 - Bio-1688™(0.6N HCL Acid with 0.1% Tritonex)

T1685 - BIO-1685™ (.6N Hydrochloric Acid w/ .025% Tritonex)

T1640 - BIO-1640™ (2N Hydochloric Acid Soln.)

T1630 - BIO-1630™ (1.5N Hydrochloric Acid Soln.)

T1620 - BIO-1620™ (Hydrochloric Acid 1Nl)

T1612 - BIO-1612™ (10% HCl Acid)

T1601 - BIO-Chloric™ (Hydrochloric Acid 0.5N Solution)

T1600 - BIO-1606™ (.06N Hydrochloric Acid )

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