Bio-VTM™ Viral Transport Media

Product Overview

Bio-VTM™ Viral Transport Media is intended to transport viruses for research and testing purposes. Bio-VTM™ is manufactured in Biologos’ ISO 13485:2016 & GMP certified facility, under strict guidelines outlined by the CDC and is packaged in 1L PET bottles.

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About BIO-VTM™ Viral Transport Media

What is Viral transport Media?

The constituents of suitable viral transport media are designed to provide an isotonic solution containing protective protein, antibiotics to control microbial contamination and one or more buffers to control the pH. Isotonicity, however, is not an absolute requirement; some highly successful transport media contain hypertonic solutions of sucrose. Liquid transport media are used primarily for transporting swabs or materials released into the medium from a collection swab. Liquid media may be added to other specimens when inactivation of the viral agent is likely and when the resultant dilution is acceptable. Source

Viral Transport Media Storage and Handling

Bio-VTM™ Solution is supplied in gamma-irradiated, sterile PETG or PETE bottles. We recommend that Bio-VTM™ Solution should be stored at 2-8° C. Always use aseptic techniques when handling Bio-VTM™ Solution.

Bio-VTM™ is shipped at storage temperature by truck-load carrier or overnight, as needed.

Viral tranport Media Uses

Viral Transport Media applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Viral transport media allow for more effective use of viral culture and culture enhancement techniques for the diagnosis of human viral infections.

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