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Ethyl Alcohol

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Product Information

Ethyl Alcohol is a versatile, rapid, and efficient dehydrant that is commonly used as a tissue reagent and cleaning agent.

Product Number Product Name Spec Sheet Safety Data Sheet
T1595 Ethyl Alcohol 95% Solution Download Download
T1503 Ethyl Alcohol 75% Denatured Solution Download Download
T1500 Ethyl Alcohol 70% Solution Download N/A
T1502 Ethyl Alcohol 70% Denatured Solution Download N/A
T1540 Ethyl Alcohol 40% Solution N/A N/A
T1504 Ethyl Alcohol 4% Denatured Solution Download Download
T1520 Ethyl Alcohol 20% Solution N/A N/A
T1510 Ethyl Alcohol 100% Solution Download Download
T1505 Ethyl Alcohol 100% Denatured Solution Download Download

Modification Options

  • 75% Concentration
  • 95% Concentration
  • Custom Formulations Available


Sterility – 9CFR or USP, pH


Product Type: Ethyl Alcohol
Color: Clear, Colorless Solution
Concentration: 75% Denatured
pH: ~7.8
Form: Solution

Packaging Options

  • 1000 mL
  • 3000 mL
  • Custom Packaging Available

Shipping and Storing

  • Storage & Shipping: Ambient
  • Shelf Life: 24 Months