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Horse Serum

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Product Information

Horse Serum from Biologos is a homogenous supplement harvested from strictly controlled donor herds. It contains high protein and low trace metals in comparison to other serum types. Horse Serum is metabolically stable and suitable for applications in Cell Culture for diagnostics and other various assays.

Product Number Product Name Spec Sheet Safety Data Sheet
HSS0000 Horse Serum - EIA Free, Donor Herd (US Origin) - Non Gamma Irradiated & Non Heat Inactivated Download Download
HSS0010 Horse Serum - EIA Free, Donor Herd (US Origin) - Non Gamma Irradiated, Heat Inactivated Download Download
HSS0200 Horse Serum - EIA Free, Donor Herd (US Origin) - Gamma Irradiated, Non Heat Inactivated Download Download

Modification Options

  • EIA Free
  • Gamma irradiated
  • Heat-inactivated
  • Custom Formulations Available


Viral Assay, Mycoplasma, Endotoxin, Sterility, Hemoglobin, Osmolality & pH


Product Type: Horse Serum
Color: Clear, Amber Colored
Concentration: N/A
pH: 7.0 - 8.5
Form: Liquid

Packaging Options

  • 500 mL
  • 1000 mL
  • 3000 mL
  • Custom Packaging Available

Shipping and Storing

  • Storage & Shipping: Frozen
  • Shelf Life: 48 Months

What Are the Uses of Horse Serum?


Horse Serum, like other animal sera, can be used as a supplement to basal growth medium in cell culture. Horse Serum applications include diagnostic assay, animal and human vaccine productions and as a supplement in bacteriological media.


How Do You Store and Handle Horse Serum?


Horse Serum can be supplied in gamma irradiated, sterile PETG or HDPE bottles and LDPE bioprocess bags. We recommend that the serum be stored frozen at a temperature of -5°C to -20°C. Multiple freeze-thaw cycles of the serum should be avoided as this may lead to deterioration of the product. Always use aseptic techniques when handling the serum and aliquot into sterile containers.


How is Horse Serum Made?


Horse Serum is sourced from healthy donor horse herds that are regularly inspected and tested for infections equine diseases, including Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) . BIOLOGOS’ quality control testing, tests for microbiological abnormalities, such as the presence of bacterial, fungal, and mycoplasma contamination and viruses.


Once the absence of contamination has been confirmed and approved, batches of serum are prepared for the packaging and distribution process. The packaging process begins with serum being thawed under controlled conditions and sterile filtered. Sterile filtration involves the serums being filtered through a series of filters in descending pore size. Filling takes place in a laminar flow hood and a certified clean room to maintain ISO Class 5 conditions. The serum is aseptically dispensed into gamma irradiated, sterile PETG or HDPE bottles and LDPE bioprocess bags. Filled containers are then labeled, frozen, and maintained at temperatures less than -5°C to preserve the product quality.


What is Horse Serum?


Horse Serum, or Equine Serum, is a nutrient-rich fluid derived from the blood of controlled donor horse herds, but does not contain red blood cells or other clotting components