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Since 1976, the BIOLOGOS ‘Day 1’ mission has been to provide our customers with premium quality for all their biologics needs. As our customers pursue the global advancement of health and wellness, we built our company on a foundation of continuous improvement of our processes, equipment, and expertise.

As an ISO 13485 and GMP certified facilities, BIOLOGOS is well equipped to provide end to end quality on solutions for serum, cell culture media and reagents. By using high grade raw materials, rigorous aseptic handling techniques and numerous validation checks throughout manufacturing, we can build your products to the highest of standards.

At BIOLOGOS, “attention to detail”, “white glove service” and “never satisfied” are not empty promises, but the very fibers of a company dedicated to quality from cradle to grave. Contact Us today to learn more about how we can serve your biologics needs.

Here’s a preview of just some of the equipment we use to maintain Quality on every order.

E MEndotoxinOsmo

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Looking for our certifications?  Download our ISO or GMP certificates HERE.

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