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Why Biologos?

Quality and Experience

Customized for Your Needs

We work closely with our customers to create custom formulas, packaging sizes, and delivery systems that fit specific requirements and time frames.

  • Custom solutions according to the customer’s specific needs, formulas, and turnaround time requirements.
  • Variable packaging sizes and containers available with options to customize.
  • Customizable delivery systems including multiple ports per bag, sizes, shapes, and the ability to adapt delivery systems to meet any facility’s needs.

Four Decades of Manufacturing and Turnkey Expertise

Over four decades of industry experience help us make sure our customers are getting the best product and the highest quality care.

  • Extensive technical support services ensure exact formula specifications are met while providing accurate and expert recommendations based on customer needs.
  • Customer care is one of our highest priorities. We take the time to communicate and consult with customers for accurate and consistent product creation.
  • We format and supply documentation for each custom product to allow our customers to order with ease and accuracy.

Personalized and Responsive Customer Service

Our customers come first and making ourselves available for them allows us to continue to produce the highest quality products.

  • Real, local, in-house customer service representatives will answer your call and provide expert knowledge and consulting.
  • We can anticipate our customer’s needs and decrease wait time by providing warehousing services to hold custom formulated products in stock and ready to ship.
  • Flexibility is key for production, stocking, and shipping to ensure that customers get exactly what they want, exactly when they want it.

Direct Access to the Manufacturer

Being involved in the production and delivery process from start to finish allows us to cut costs and give the best quality support to our customers.

  • Biologos is the manufacturer, warehouse, and distributor. Eliminating unnecessary costs by cutting out the middleman and providing greater service from start to finish.
  • Being involved in the manufacturing and delivery process allows us to respond faster and more efficiently for our customers.
  • Our industry expertise let us answer your questions quickly and accurately.